Who doesn’t love walking into a warm coffee shop and smelling the aroma of fresh ground coffee beans, house baked caramel rolls and cakes, and the sweet smell of steamed milk?  I am amazed every time I walk through the doors and look around at the customers enjoying the company of friends, reading the newspaper, catching up on emails, or just relaxing over a tasty meal. 

        Owning a coffee shop was never one of my goals—funny how the universe works!  However, I’ve always enjoyed finding unique places to meet with family and friends, a place that felt comfortable, warm and inviting.  My husband and I moved from Arizona and settled in Glencoe to raise our family.  Our kids are now starting families of their own.  This shop has become a center of our family life--you will often see our grandson playing with his toys or one of our sons helping behind the counter along side the wonderful staff.  This is what Gert and Erma’s means to me, a place for family and friends.

         I’m also just going to put it out there . . . this place has the best staff!  People who care about the work they do, make the time to talk to people about how their day is going, or explain what is in a particular drink.  They are the heart of this shop!

          Gert and Erma’s is a great adventure, and I’m enjoying every minute of it!  I’m encouraged about what has been accomplished and excited about the direction we are going.  It’s given me an opportunity to create a positive environment for great customer service, wonderful food, and a warm and inviting atmosphere.  It’s more than coffee, it’s about building community.