Our Lunch Menu

Currently, we are reviewing and revising our menu. We are focusing on fresh salads and cold sandwiches, but will have panini sandwiches as well. Please stay tuned as we improve some old favorites and unveil some new favorites!



  • Salads:

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Activities & Entertainment



Starting Thursday, September 8th, we're open Thursday nights again until 10:00pm.

If you are interested in our meeting room for an evening event (Monday thru Friday) - contact us to make special arrangements.

Event & Meeting Rooms

Do you need a room in which to host an event or meeting? Gert and Erma's has two rooms suited for just about any need.

Learn more about Gert and Erma's large and small meeting rooms by following this link.

Beer & Wine

We serve beer and wine

We also serve beer and wine. At the last count we have over 40 different beer varieties and over 10 different wines available by the glass or bottle.

Share a bottle of wine and an appetizer , or have a beer with your lunch or dinner. Minnesota law allows you to take your unfinished bottle of wine home with you. Allow us to re-seal it for you in a tamper proof bag.