Daily Menu Changes

Find last minute changes to Gert & Erma's Menu on the Chalkboard.

Several of our sandwiches have earned the "always available" status:  Mike's Best, Turkey Parmesan, Turkey Bacon Club, Deluxe Grilled Cheese, Turkey Bacon Melt, and Grilled Cheese (can add Ham if desired).  Listed below are additional menu items available this week:  See our Salad and other Menu tabs!!

Menu for the Week of November 24, 2014


  • NEW Cobb Sandwich
  • Grilled Reuben or Rachel


  • White Chicken Chili-Soup
  • Chef's Choice Soup


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Activities & Entertainment

Thursday, November 27th
Time: 12:01 AM and continuing thru the year


We devote only one day to Giving Thanks for the vast amount of Blessing we each have. Some times we are sad or ill or frustrated and we forget about ALL the other GOOD THINGS that we should be thankful for. And even some of the sad, ill or frustrating things ... can lead to new blessings.

Hug your family and friends, laugh as much as you can, and give Thanks to God for His overwhelming Goodness and Love!

Coming Up in Dec.

Dec. 4 - Jerry Ostensoe

Also on Dec. 4 - Fundraiser for Operation MN Nice! Bring your checkbooks and purchase boxed or bagged candy! The candy is great for gift-giving, entertaining, or personal enjoyment. And a portion of each item sold will be given to help Operation MN Nice make a MN Soldier feel more comfortable and remembered!

Saturday Morning, Dec. 6 - Students from Prairie Song Music Studio

Dec. 18 - Emily Cardinal

Event & Meeting Rooms

Do you need as room host an event or meeting? Gert and Erma's has two rooms suited for just about any need.

Learn more about Gert and Erma's large and small meeting rooms by following this link.

Our Coffee

Try our delicious coffee selections at Gert & Erma's Coffee Shop in Glencoe, MN 55336

Gert & Erma's Coffee is made from PREMIUM ARABICA beans. This is a key point to understanding why our coffee is superior to grocery store varieties.


Beer & Wine

We serve beer and wine

We also serve beer and wine. At the last count we have over 40 different beer varieties and over 10 different wines available by the glass or bottle.

Share a bottle of wine and an appetizer , or have a beer with your lunch or dinner. Minnesota law allows you to take your unfinished bottle of wine home with you. Allow us to re-seal it for you in a tamper proof bag.